Sistemas de Circuito Cerrado de Televisión (CCTV)

Systematic security

There can be no compromises where safety is concerned! And safety is a matter of trust! That´s why videotronic infosystems, your CCTV specialist, puts partnership first. In order to conceive a tailor-made safety solution in close co-operation with you. In order to ensure you get the made-to-measure security system you need. In order to support you with reliable on-site contact - from conception to commissioning. And in order to always be at your disposal with a worldwide network of competent, trained partners.

Entrust your safety to a reliable partner: videotronic infosystems.


Camera Technology - Visibly safe
Cameras are a video system`s eyes. And videotronic infosystems is forward-looking. With cameras for standard surveillance - ideal for the likes of petrol stations or shops - that offer more than just standard performance. Outstanding value for money will allow you to minimise your investment outlay without compromising on quality. And with the Vitect-C models you get elegant, weatherproof camera stations with many additional features.
A variety of fixed dome models and vandal-resistant models complete videotronic`s range of innovative cameras. It`s also worth remembering that all single units from videotronic are available in colour and b/w versions, and they are compatible with each other. This guarantees maximum flexibility when your security system expands!

High Tec Cameras

Seeing things clearly
Precision is the first rule of professional surveillance. And the high-tech camera range from videotronic offers the highest precision to ensure that you see everything in fine detail - indoors and out, day and night. From compact models with intergrated vario lenses, via cameras that can be remote controlled, up to "all inclusive" system cameras in Vitect housings - you always get outstanding picture quality.
Our special cameras deliver crystal clear images that are rich in contrast even in tricky lighting conditions. For example, our TRI-Q-CCD® multi-spectral cameras guarantee best picture quality for day (colour) and night (b/w with IR lamps). Other attention-grabbing features include an extended dynamic range that displays light and dark areas with the same quality, and video motion detectors for immediate alarm response.You can get everything from one source and you`ll always see clearly.


Colour or b/w - there is no compromising with monitors from videotronic infosystems. State-of-the-art high resolution, with up to 1,000 TV lines, guarantees excellent picture quality that`s easy on the eyes. A 'multi norm' ability, which processes PAL and NTSC signals, pleases the most demanding users and confers the flexibility to integrate with each and every security system. Uniform, elegant design, extreme reliability and superb value for money are additional highlights. The flat screen TFT monitors, with progressive active matrix technology, set the latest ergonomic standards - and it goes without saying that they comply with the rigorous MPR II standard.


The lens is critically important in determining the value of the complete CCTV system. Without the correct lens important picture data is sure to be missing.
For each camera - and for each surveillance task - there is one lens that`s ideally suited for the specific situation. And videotronic can supply it. Options include: DC, motor zoom or the popular vario lenses with constant F (standardised aperture) over the whole focussing range. Our selection of famous vario lenses sets standards.
They are adjustable for on-site set-up to save time and money. For poorly illuminated areas we recommend special apheric lenses; their specific cut focuses the light more effectively, making blurred pictures a thing of the past. You decide what you want to see - and videotronic will ensure you actually see it.

Camera Housings

Safety in all weathers Cameras protect you and your property. But what protects your camera in harsh outdoor conditions? Vitect housings from videotronic infosystems! They are made from weather-proof plastic, are UV resistant and comply with the IP65 standard. Vitect camera housings deliver, combining discreet design and total system compatibility. Furthermore, the pearl finish coating makes the window surface water- and dirt-repellent. The vonvenient pre-assembled set of cables allows for easy, customer-friendly mounting to ceilings, walls and masts. Due to their inner wiring these housings look attractive and their rigid construction stabilises the camera and protects it from harsh weather.
For board cameras we have developed the special Vitect-C compact models. So, regardless of dust, cold or dampness, your safety is no longer at the mercy of the weather!

Pan/Tilt Heads

Each direction in view
The monitoring of large areas and the targeted tracking of people or objects demands swiftness, flexibility and precision - in short: pan/tilt/(zoom) heads from videotronic. PTZ heads are fast - they rotate a camera at up to 130° per second. PTZ heads are flexible - they can be controlled either manually or via up to 100 pre-set positions. PTZ heads are robust - they are built for permanent operation and longevity. In combination with cameras and lenses from videotronic, with auto-zoom and auto-focus functions, PTZ heads guarantee accurate, crisp images - and, allied with the elegant Vitect housing, they deliver sophisticated design. We make your cameras mobile - and mobilise everything for your safety.


Safety all around Our highly compact, weather-proof, high speed domes, with their 360° monitoring arc, are ideally suited for protection of large rooms and for effortless panoramic monitoring of buildings. Due to their high speed (up to 400° per second) continuous observation of people and objects is always ensured - even if they move away from the camera or traverse under it. Each dome stores up to 100 pre-set positions that can be accessed either manually or via an auto alarm trigger, guaranteeing a fast overview. Only high quality colour cameras, such as the multi-spectral TRI-Q-CCD with - among other features - picture integration, are used as dome cameras. The BUSTRONIC, videotronic`s RS485 control technique, provides for user-friendly control and flexible system integration.
For all-around safety: high speed domes from videotronic.

Central Technology

Central technology, the intelligent and functional co-ordination of the individual parts, is, and will always be, the brain of each CCTV system.
At videotronic infosystems you can choose from an extensive line-up of options, select high performance components that integrate well with each other and be sure of competent advice from one source: camera switchers, quad splitter units (quads) and multiplexers for intelligent management of camera signals. Video motion detectors, data converters, signal distributors, processors and much more complete the central technology capability. It goes without saying that these devices are compatible with all the main interfaces and protocols (RS485, Intranet, Internet, LAN), because only a complete, intelligent system provides optimum safety.
The demands made on CCTV systems are becoming increasingly complex, but system handling gets easier and easier - that`s tomorrow`s high tech, made by videotronic infosystems today.

Video Matrix Switchers

Intelligent, user-oriented technology: that`s what you get with the video matrix switcher systems from videotronic infosystems.
Video inputs and outputs, as well as alarm inputs, are variably expandable, so you`ll always have the system that`s right for you.
With a high number of video inputs and video outputs even the most extensive and demanding monitoring tasks can be completed - and PTZ heads and domes can be directly controlled, problem-free. Handling is made really easy thanks to clearly laid out graphical user screens with intuitive, coloured symbols. This diverse and highly reliable system can be operated and configured effortlessly via PC.
From that point only you have the power to decide what to monitor, when to monitor, who to monitor and how to monitor.

Video Signal Transmission

Information is everything, naturally - and particularly when safety is concerned. With videotronic you`ll always be 'in-the-know' via video signal transmission. There`s no reason to be ignorant of even the smallest fragment of information. Whatever is happening at your monitoring site you can always be there, live, via a range of different transmission technologies. In addition to standard methods (coax, twisted pair), we also have expertise when network technology and transmission via telecommunication channels such as ISDN are under consideration. In addition to our own transmission solutions we also co-operate with selected high tech partners in these areas.
Place your trust today in tomorrow`s solution - and plan with videotronic a CCTV system with world-wide image retrievability.


Moving Forward in loocking backward
The trend: more and more video data but fewer and fewer personnel. That`s why selective image recording plays an ever more important role.
As a system integrator - from small security systems up to complete network solutions - we offer customised recording systems with high quality.
Analogue time-lapse recorders have proved themselves in continuous operation and guarantee ease-of-use and "around-the-clock" recording. Digital recorders, whether used in small, local, flexible systems or for certified banking house solutions with network connection, open new possibilities. These intelligent, versatile, expandable and easy-to-operate digital systems are equipped with future-proofed interfaces and it is easy to incorporate them into any CCTV system. So, regardless of whether you want fast and simple configuration or rapid, targeted search and retrieval: videotronic is moving forward in techniques of looking back.

Mobile Recording

Surveillance goes mobile
As a company dedicated to making system solutions its top priority, videotronic has a specialist team to develop customized solutions - no matter how demanding the requirement. For example, Mobilrec is a system that offers mobility in the truest sense: a self-contained CCTV system for mobile applications such as buses, trains and cash transports. Utilising vandal-resistant cameras, videotronic has created a system with optimal video inputs and customer-oriented functionality for demanding mobile applications. The time displayed in the images recorded to the specially housed, shockproof Mobilrec can constantly be up-dated by a GPS receiver. An exact positional fix and automatic alarming via GSM data transmission are also options. With its compact design and a multitude of functions the Mobilrec is a complete, mobile security system that opens up a whole new world of CCTV. Benefit from videotronic`s individual customer solutions - build your made-to-measure CCTV system with us!

Integral Security Systems

Tomorrow`s security solutions
The digital DITrec system from videotronic infosystems provides more than just a hint of how surveillance will develop in the future. As a new concept system solution, DITrec combines a digital video sensor for outdoor applications (Detection) with an alarm information system using cellular phone or e-mail (Information). Automatic tracking of subjects (Tracking) with the help of a connected mobile PTZ camera unit and digital recording to hard disk (Recording) complete a system that can monitor even very large areas in a targeted manner. The DITrec is the first central surveillance unit that incorporates all these functions and that can provide completely self-contained operation. A TCP/IP interface, remote maintenance via ISDN and a user-friendly monitoring program complete the system elements and offer access to a new dimension - the videotronic dimension of absolute safety.